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Become confident in your language abilities and lose your fear of speaking!


•    Giving advice
•    Making suggestions and recommendations
•    Being polite
•    Instructing and directing customers
•    Delivering your message clearly and precisely
•    Handling and answering questions effectively
•    Dealing with complaints

In a competitive business environment it is often the small things that separate you from your competitors. Take a trip with us and explore the language needed to deliver great customer service.

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We are able to offer our clients the same high standard of coaching in an online format too. Through online meetings we are able to coach clients in various business areas. We use Teams, Zoom, Skype or Google Meet.

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•    Opening and closing
•    Structure and technique
•    Visual aids
•    Storytelling
•    Body language
•    Rapport building
•    Q & A sessions

Would you like to develop your presentation skill and technique? If you do, then why not sign up for a presentation course with us.

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  • Report Writing Development
  • Online Writing
  • Rapid Email Response – Techniques and Ideas
  • Learner’s own E-mails / Written Communication / LinkedIn Profiles

Writing is an aspect of English communication that is very easily neglected. People tend to spend very little time on this key communication skill. At Coaching Language, we can help.

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•    Diplomatic negotiation
•    Bargaining
•    Key stages and secondary stages
•    Questioning techniques
•    Managing negotiation breakdowns
•    Getting the deal done

Negotiation language is a key ingredient to achieving the desired results. The smallest changes in your choice of words may lead to the biggest results for your company.

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•    Small talk
•    Discussions in and around lunch and dinner
•    Discussion and small talk techniques
•    Polite interruption
•    Topic surfing
•    Focusing on the positive
•    Communicating across cultures


This is a crucial element that tends to be scary for people. We at Coaching Language believe that by focusing on a few key areas you can become a master in a variety of social business areas. We think that business travel, attending conferences, confidence building, and small talk (in transit / trade fairs / in restaurants) are some of the most important areas to develop.

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One of our most popular products is our 4 Key Part language boost. This usually takes place over two intensive days and covers the following 4 topics: Presentations, Negotiations, Social English and Business Writing.

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We offer training in standardising your accent to speak confidently and be better understood. Classes are tailored to suit the needs and challenges that most Finnish people struggle with when speaking English.

We practice pronunciation, voice quality, intonation, and word connections through various exercises, and have them apply these components to both social English in general, and to their specific field of interest.

•    Team building in English
•    Team cooking competitions – King or Queen of the Kitchen
•    Wine and Dinner parties hosted in English
•    New Zealand and South African BBQ’s
•    Seminars
•    Weekend getaways
•    Hobby days
•    Cricket Tournaments and picnic lunches
•    Sporting events
•    City day trips in English

Fancy a Kiwi barbeque or a braai? Why not bring your team along to enjoy this unique English language and food experience.
Enjoy a meal while practicing your English skills. All of our cooking experiences are in cooperation with Chef JJ de Nier of the JJ de Nier Food Experience.
All of our themes can be fun in a team building seminar format. By this we mean that a few hours can be spent learning important business language skills and the rest of the day having fun in English.
These are all great ideas for team building and vocabulary building all while communicating in English and developing your small talk skills. At the end of the day you will have had a lovely cultural experience and all enjoyed a delicious meal.

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  • Company presentations
  • Reports
  • All work related documents
  • Manuals
  • Marketing material
  • Thesis, CV , LinkedIn

Do you find yourself short of time to read through your documents in order to fine tune them effectively? Let us take care of all of your reports, emails, presentation slides, manuals, marketing material or other company specific material all in complete confidentiality.

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•    High school preparation exams
•    Confidence building
•    Practice exams
•    Reading and listening comprehension
•    Grammar

Preparation is half the job and with this service we aim to prepare students for high school matriculation exams as thoroughly as possible. We also offer preparation courses for all levels of school pupils who may be in need of our service.

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Coaching Language is able to serve you in the languages listed below:
English, Finnish, Swedish, French, German, Russian, Estonian, Spanish and Chinese.