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Coaching Language Oy

Become confident in your language abilities and lose your fear of speaking!

This is WHAT we do:

Professional & Dynamic Coaching for Fast Results

Coaching Language is able to manage all your Business English needs. The team at Coaching Language has experience in training companies of all types and sizes. From presentations and negotiations to e-writing skills and everything in between we are able to coach you in. The team also specializes in intensive coaching days; an immensely popular and beneficial product indeed.

We design each session based on a detailed analysis of each client’s specific wants and wishes.

Let’s consider WHEN we do things

Would you like to have regular weekly coaching, or could you benefit from an intensive course or even a seminar day or two? Coaching Language is able to work with One2One, Pairs and Groups. Being a busy professional means your time is valuable and we will work around your schedule in order to find the most suitable time for you. We will work with you to develop a customized and convenient coaching schedule. Nowadays, thanks to the growth of online meeting platforms, we are able to offer you the same quality coaching online.

WHERE matters so let’s consider it:

Continuously Adapting to Client Needs

Coaching sessions can occur flexibly and wherever is suitable for you. We are able to provide a high level and a high-quality service, either face to face or online if so choose. The learning process is a journey and we aim to ensure the realisation of the vision of the journey.

Time to consider the HOW:

The answer to the ‘how’ is personal commitment!

You can reach us by sending an email



or by calling +358 438244599

Come on a language journey with us and find out how you can immerse yourself in the world of ‘language and culture’, gain and grow confidence in your language abilities, solve your proofreading needs, and moreover, lose your inhibition and fear of speaking.

We Will Make That Happen!

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